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  • The Business of Orgone

    Business and spiritual pursuits are not mutually exclusive; rather the true marriage of enjoyment, purpose, and financial freedom. 

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  • Orgonite and Orgone Generator Distribution

    This page is provided to those who are potentially a good fit as a distributor for the Original Orgone Generator and Orgonite products manufactured by the Inventor. If you were not referred, you are still invited to contact us.

    All great ambitions and technologies required financing and fueling. We have streamlined the process of promoting Orgone technologies:

Streamlined Shipping and Administration

All sales are drop shipped from headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. All payment processing can be done for you. 

Easy as A-B-C

One can begin promotion with a small social media following at no charge to you.

Versatile, Quality Products

The Orgone Generators are handmade and given a lifetime warranty. Welz products are made with a standard of German engineering here in the USA. We provide full refunds for returned items within 30 days of purchase. The Orgone Generator appeals to a wide audience from a travelling gypsy to an established businessperson. With growing public interest in new age, healthy living, and quantum discoveries - even the most main stream of demographic is ripe to purchase an Orgone Generator.

Work with Community, Purpose

We are here because we believe in the products we are sharing with the world. Distributors are able to spend more time with their loved ones and enjoy the work being done. Distributors make money in a legal, moral, productive way and are able to meet and serve interesting clientele around the world.


Anyone distributing, promoting, or selling Orgone Generator products for healing or health will be immediately terminated from ever working with our organization in the future - and will not be able to buy any products. This is a strict policy as lives are at stake - Orgone cannot be used to treat, cure or diagnose any disease. This includes promotion for things like homeopathy. These products are experimental ONLY and for those with an interst in entertaining an experimental set up.